Interview Advice

1. Do your homework
Research the company you are interviewing with. Look to answer the following example questions: “What do you know about us?” or “What research have you done?” This shows a genuine interest to the employer and will benefit you in the interviewing process.

2. Read the job description
Understand the role that you are interviewing for, carefully think about the tasks and responsibilities required and then make a list of achievements in your past (work and non-work) that can prove your ability to do those tasks.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

3. Dress code
Always dress smartly for an interview as first impressions are everything. Be conservative. Dark tailored suit, smart shirts / blouses and smart shoes are advisable. Novelty ties / socks should definitely be avoided.

4. Listen carefully
Listen to questions carefully. Interviewers can get frustrated when people don’t understand why they are being asked a specific question, waffling in an attempt to answer a question is not a good idea.

5. Read your own CV
Your CV is a great source for the interviewer to base their questions. So get to understand your CV and think about what questions you may be asked. You could be expected to explain the following:

  • why your experience is relevant,
  • why you are interested in the role,
  • why did you leave previous roles,
  • why are you looking to move on from your current job,
  • what your ambitions are
  • what you are like as a person (your strengths and weaknesses)

6. Know who you’re meeting
Ensure that you know who you are meeting with, their job titles and their relevance to the role you have applied for. When you receive an interview confirmation from us this will be outlined.

7. How should you prepare?
Spend some time thinking about your previous experience, whether in the work place or from another source i.e. sports club or charity work. Think about your achievements and examples on where you performed well and how they have provided you with learning opportunities.

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